Team & Associates

of Bioclimatic Houses

At Bioclimatic Houses, we bring together the architectural design skills of a prestigious architects studio, the know-how and expertise of a seasoned local building company and the craftsmanship of a woodwork wizard.


When three visionaries unite forces revolutionary projects happen.


A Bioclimatic house encompasses the latest techniques and building design philosophies with sound craftsmanship and a strong environmental ethos.


All in one multidisciplinary team

No more blind navigation among contractors and subcontractors’ offers, time and life consuming negotiations among suppliers, deadline missed because of miscommunication among parties and mismanagement.

Bringing all under one umbrella, guarantees you a stress free experience where we can all concentrate in creating a beautiful home that fits perfectly your lifestyle and the environment you’ve decided to live in.

More Partners of Bioclimatic Houses

At Earth & Clay, a tailored approach is offered to your project. Offering natural lawn alternatives for your garden, helping you keep your home sustainable and environmentally friendly. Sourcing needed quotations to achieve a workable budget and coordinating the various teams needed to accomplish your project that finishes within the specified time and on budget.

The primary aim is to make your installation or renovation process go as smoothly as possible.

When choosing a eco home with LJ woodworks, you don’t need to give up modernity or special design features. For our ecological insulated wall panels we use a combination of timber, straw bales, cork and soft fibre boards to create a sustainable and comfortable home in any kind of architecture you can imagine.

A good insulation performance means that a comfortable indoor temperature is easy and economic to maintain, both during cold winter and warm summertime.

Our services expand 360º degrees. In addition to architectural services, we assist our client with:

  • Habitation licence
  • Architectural specifications
  • Certificate A and A+
  • Architecture acoustic certification
  • A beautiful bioclimatic house like no other