What a bioclimatic house looks like?

The short answer is,

just like any other house.

The difference lies in the design decisions and the materials used. The difference is within and doesn’t really show.

Wood and stone replace cement and other industrial building materials; natural fibers are used for insulation;

energy is produced by renewable sources that are only supported and supplemented by mechanical devices;

optimal ventilation and a clean environment are created through careful building orientation, the use of natural features like trees, and open and shaded areas.

The outcome

A healthier home environment co-existing with the landscape and a more efficient way to live and interact with the land.

Less maintenance, running costs reduction and a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.

The full cycle

Using almost exclusively natural materials, we are actually creating a house that is completely recyclable and that return to the environment once its purpose has been fulfilled, without leaving behind harmful and inorganic components that cannot be broken down naturally.

A house that can go back to be part of the cycle of life.

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