The principles bioclimatic regenerative architecture lives by

In our recent past, people had to rely on what was available, the natural materials, the environment and the climate, not only to build shelters but to achieve the highest living standards.

When heating and air conditioning simply didn’t exist, entire populations relied on the choice of building materials and specific architectural designs to warm or cool their homes.

Back then, there was an implicit pact between human and land.

Bioclimatic regenerative architecture is simply modern architecture made aware of what was forsaken during the craze of the past century, mature enough to understand what the lessons of the past are and eager to reinvent them in the light of the present.

It’s architecture acknowledging the past and taking responsibility for the future.

It’s the understanding that past and present aren’t incompatible, that walking into the future doesn’t require us to discard our ancestors’ heritage, that being green doesn’t mean renouncing modern aesthetic and comfort.

It’s a holistic approach that reconciles and brings together all the best technical architectural achievements in human history and carefully selects and implements what can work best in a specific environment.

Sustainability is an outcome, rather than just a goal.

Redefining the way we live means we not only reduce our carbon footprint but we also improve the quality of our life.